November 2016

Roadbridge/Aibel Pre-Qualify for Norwegian Road

Nye Veier (New Roads), the Norwegian equivalent of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), have announced the four successful companies that are now being invited to tender for the 19km E6 Kolomen to Arnkvern four-lane highway in Norway.  The route runs through the Åkersvika nature reserve and the municipalities of Stange and Hamar in Hedmark County.  Kolomen is located approximately 100km north of Oslo.

Nye Veier

E6 Overview

Overview of Norway, with E6 Scheme Highlighted.  The Kolomoen to Arnkvern is the first phase of this section of upgrade.

The four selected are Hæhre Entreprenør AS, together with NCC Construction Norway, AF Group and the Roadbridge/Aibel Joint Venture.

The tender documents are due to be submitted in December 2016, with a submission date of 10th March 2017.  This is the first project Roadbridge have tendered for in Norway.

“We have chosen four talented entrepreneurs to compete for the contract. The four selected stand out in that they respond well to the requirements of the qualification documents” says project director E6 Mjøs region, Øyvind Moshagen, in a statement.

“We are working to find the best contractor for the mission. By evaluating the contractors in the prequalification we ensure that the best is to progress in the competition. The contractors that have been prequalified are those that best meets the requirements of experience of similar works, HSE and CSR,” explains the director of contracts and procurement in Nye Veier, Bjorn Børseth.

The next step is an IDD (Integrity Due Diligence) of the four companies that are prequalified. This is a survey done by third parties to reduce the risk associated with corruption, fraud and other illegal or unethical conduct.

New Roads is planning to sign a contract with the selected contractor by the end of June 2017 and the project is scheduled for completion in 2020.