April 2018

Business Impact Map

Business in the Community Ireland launched their ‘Business Impact Map‘ for 2018 in March, with Roadbridge as one of the proud participants.  The aim of the Map is to highlight the great work being continuously carried out by Member organisations of BITC and the positive contributions they are making to worthy causes throughout Ireland.  The range of social issues that these connections represent include Children/Youth, Disability, Poverty, Arts/Sports, Homelessness, Education, and Community Development, to name but a few, so are part of the Roadbridge core ethos of being a good neighbour.

Roadbridge Business Impact Map data

Roadbridge would like to thank Business in the Community Ireland for their tireless efforts in making our country a better place for everyone and the overall results speak for themselves, when we see the impact that 60 organisations can make.  Just imagine how this map would look with 2-3 times the number of participants!  We look forward to growing our impact over the coming years.

Overall Business Impact Map statistics