August 2019

Roadbridge go E-Car smart

Roadbridge Ltd. is rolling out electric vehicles and smart chargers across many of our larger construction sites nationwide.

CarCharger EV Limited has provided networked chargers into the Roadbridge Head office at Limerick and at multiple large construction sites around Ireland.  The installed Smart EV chargers have the ability to instantly respond and use less power if the grid becomes overloaded.

Gerry Cash (CarCharger) with Morgan Sheehy & Jerome O’Sullivan (Roadbridge)

To be-future-proofed, Roadbridge has also installed smart chargers into the homes of staff driving company electric vehicles which are wi-fi enabled to allow drivers to charge at off peak electricity rates overnight.

With Roadbridge drivers signed up to, they are able to access a country wide network of  public chargers including those at Aldi, Centra, Lidl and SuperValu as well as those on the ESB network with single account access.

CarCharger are delighted that Roadbridge took the time to consider becoming future-proofed when installing EV charging infrastructure.

This is the latest step undertaken by Roadbridge as part of the #drivinggreenconstruction initiative.