January 2018

Athea Tidy Towns

In May 2013, Roadbridge contacted the Athea Tidy Towns committee with a view to volunteering some resources to support any planned improvement projects. The committee asked if RB could help with the upgrade of a path leading to the village cemetery and the construction of a new path in a small amenity green space located near the centre of the village called the ‘Giants Garden’. To complete these projects RB made available to the Committee two men, a dumper, a roller, a mini digger full time for four days. RB also supplied one lorry load of dust (804 stone) and a site engineer visited the works regularly throughout the four days to supervise progress. The Athea Committee were very pleased with the work completed by Roadbridge and issued a letter of appreciation to Liam Power of Roadbridge in Aug 2013.  A copy of this letter can be found by clicking on this link.

RB Tidy1

RB Tidy2

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