January 2018

Galway Wind Park helping Local School

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Galway Wind Park lending a helping hand to the Local Community

As part of the on-going Local Community Outreach Programme for the Galway Wind Park project contact was made with the School Principal of Scoil Chumin agus Caitriona National School in Oughterard about assisting with biodiversity projects.  The school principal suggested that the site team may be able to help with the redevelopment of a large flower bed at the front of the school by the provision and delivery of topsoil and labour to help with landscaping.

On Wednesday 9th September 2015, a team of six from the Galway Wind Park project consisting of SSE and Roadbridge staff and operatives spent half a day working on the flower bed.

SSE had arranged for several lorry loads of topsoil to be delivered to the school and Roadbridge provided a rubber wheeled excavator and men on the ground to level out the topsoil.  Members of SSE site management also volunteered to help with the racking and levelling out of topsoil. The school management were very happy with the work done by the GWP team.  SSE also presented the school with a €200 voucher to purchase bulbs and plants for the flower bed.

GWP Team

Following an invitation by the school principal the GWP team returned on 7th October 2015 to help the pupils plant flower bulbs, crab apple trees and sunflower plants in the flower bed.

The school principal was very grateful for the help and promised to invite GWP staff back to the school when the flowers are in full bloom in Spring 2016.

GWP team & pupils