Roadbridge is committed to the protection of the environment throughout our works.

We demonstrate this through means such as Certification to ISO 14001, Registering our UK and, since 2017, our Irish based sites with Considerate Constructors Scheme and through project sustainability award schemes such as CEEQUAL. We are very proud of our record of never having had any legal actions taken against us for environmental breaches in any jurisdiction.

For each Project we are involved in, our Project Environmental Manager collaborates with our Environmental Department, designer, relevant Stakeholders and the Client to develop a suitable Environmental Operating Plan (EOP) or Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), as required.

Each Project specific Plan is fully integrated within our award-winning Management System, which is independently certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO50001.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment we have developed the “Your Sustainable Path” initiative which is chartered by our Board of Directors and is implemented across all of our sites.

The aim of “Your Sustainable Path” initiative is to give our employees and contractors the opportunity to positively impact and build support for Roadbridge’s sustainability efforts. By individual and collective commitment to the Five Environmental Pledges listed below, we will promote and drive sustainability throughout all our business operations.

5 Pledges of Your Sustainable Path

  1. I will promptly report all potential water pollution incidents to my line manager.
  2. I will follow the waste hierarchy to reduce, reuse, recycle and segregate waste on site.
  3. I will ensure ecological surveys have been carried out before clearance of vegetation, hedgerows or tree felling and maintain and respect ecological exclusion zones.
  4. I will ensure management measures implemented to reduce dust and air emissions are abided by.
  5. I will turn off lights, office equipment, plant and other energy consuming equipment when not in use.

We begin each project with a comprehensive study of the Environmental Impact Statement and the Contract Documents, and these form the site specific aspects of the Construction Environmental Management Plan. Environmental Risk Assessments are prepared for each work element in order to ensure that the mitigation measures required are planned and integrated into the site works.

Project specific Management Plans are developed and aligned with the Project Environmental Statement Chapters.

Within these plans the relevant hazards and risks are clearly identified and fully scoped. They are then rated and process controls established to ensure that they are properly managed at all stages of the Project lifecycle from design through to construction, maintenance and reinstatement. Regular management reviews of our Plans, processes and controls is carried out during the Project, supplemented by internal and external auditing, to ensure that our Management Plans remain suitable and sufficient and represent a best practice approach.