Our organic growth in a changing environment provides us with a platform to participate in larger contracts utilising all bonding, banking and insurance facilities which are available to us.

Dun & Bradstreet has assessed Roadbridge as having the top 5A credit rating and in stable condition with minimal risk of experiencing severe financial stress over the next twelve months. Further details can be provided upon request.

Roadbridge’s strong order book and growing customer base allows us to offer security to all prospective clients that we are a reputable, stable organisation, with a proven record of consistent delivery, to the highest standards.

Revenue Analysis

Banking, Bonding & Leasing

Roadbridge have experience in engaging with many well-known international external funding organisations for arranging banking, leasing and bonding for our works, including the following examples.

PPP Delivery Experience

Roadbridge have also acted as a Delivery Partner in many of the largest PPP Projects within Ireland, including the examples listed below.  As part of these works, we have gained experience in the arrangement of funding for finance and operation of long-term strategic infrastructure projects.


Our expertise extends across all civil engineering sectors, and demonstrates that the company is not heavily reliant on any one sector.  As can be seen, during 2018, Roadbridge have worked on Renewable; Water Services; Marine; Site Development; Oil and Gas; and Motorway projects, for a broad cross-section of blue chip clients.