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1142 Microsoft DUB12 Project

  • Project Type Industrial / Commercial
  • Client Microsoft (Grange Castle)
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge were awarded this contract in June 2020, we carried out the role of Sub-Contractor to Winthrop
  • Form of Contract FIDIC Yellow Book
  • Dates July 2018 - July 2019
  • Location Dublin 12, Dublin, Ireland

Key Features

  • 10 hectares of site clearance
  • Construction of 1.5km of paved site roadways; site compound including carpark, and temporary services
  • Bulk earthworks 45,000m3 - 7,600m3 of rock breaking and 39,000m3 of off-site disposal
  • 3.5km of drainage and 25km of service ducting; 1.2km of watermains
  • Construction of in-situ and installation of pre-cast chambers
  • 300 no. reinforced concrete pad foundations and casting of holding down bolts
  • 650m of reinforced cast in-situ concrete ground beams
  • 8,500m3 of concrete yard slabs; 13,00m2 of finished concrete floors
  • Overall, 13,500m3 of concrete and 120 tons of steel reinforcement
  • Installation of 1.3km precast concrete kerbs and construction of 2,000m2 of footpaths
  • 3,750m2 of blacktop to permanent facility road network