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Darwin Green- Infrastructure and Enabling Works

  • Project Type Industrial / Commercial
  • Client Barratt David Wilson Homes
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge were appointed Principal Contractor in September 2017.
  • Form of Contract Bespoke Client Contract
  • Dates September 2017 – November 2018
  • Location Cambridge, United Kingdom

Key Features

  • 268,000m3 General Earthworks and Ground Raising including the utilisation of a borrow pit
  • Installation of 13.2km foul and surface water drainage including swales and attenuation storage
  • Construction of a total of 7.5km of main road and associated side roads to adoptable standards forming a strategic road network including 2.3km pedestrian and cycle footpaths
  • 700m Public Right of Way surfacing upgrades
  • Construction of a new substations and utility compound
  • Connections to Foul Sewer Pumping Station and Rising Main installation
  • Installation of street lighting
  • Construction of retaining walls, headwalls and gabion retaining walls
  • Construction of hard and soft landscaping
  • Co-ordination and Civil attendance on statutory services