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A737 Dalry Bypass

  • Contract Type Transport Scotland Bespoke Contract
  • Client Transport Scotland
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge and Farrans formed a joint venture to complete the Design, Construction and Maintenance of the Dalry Bypass, the project is being constructed on behalf of Transport Scotland.
  • Start / End Dates July 2017 – January 2018
  • Contract Value £32.0 Million

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The A737 Dalry Bypass route is approximately 3.8km in length. It starts to the north-east of Highfield, approximately 1.5km north-east of Dalry and runs in a south-westerly direction crossing the B707, Blair Road, the Glasgow to Ayr railway line and the River Garnock re-joining the existing A737  approximately 600m south of Dalry.

Key Features

  • 330,000m3 of Excavation.
  • 200,000m3 of Fill to road and environmental bund embankments.
  • Construction of a 250m Steel Viaduct spanning the River Garnock and Ayr/Glasgow Railway Line.
  • Construction of 1 Nr. Overbridge at Blair Road.
  • Installation of 8 Nr Box culverts ranging in sizes.
  • Drilling and grouting historic mine-workings beneath the road alignment.
  • Performing the role of Authorized Representative on behalf of Transport Scotland, which included the management of Utilities companies.
  • Encapsulation of an existing Scottish Gas Networks HP main.