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Berth 35 Quay Wall, Dublin Port

  • Project Type Marine
  • Client Dublin Port Company
  • Company Involvement Project Supervisor Construction Stage
  • Form of Contract NEC4 Option B Priced Bill of Quantities
  • Dates August 2020 - April 2021
  • Location Dublin Port, Ireland

The civil Works for Berth 35 Redevelopment includes:

Key Features

  • Demolition of existing cope beam
  • 133m combi pile wall consisting of 46no. 1420mm dia. 36m long steel tubular piles & 23m AZ28 sheet piles.
  • Tie back system including 46no. 105mm tie-rods prestressed to 600kN. Landward restraint system includes 1200m3 concrete anchor block founded on 26 x no. 813mm dia. 40m long tubular piles and an 80m long anchor wall founded on 28 x no. 813mm x 16m long tubular piles.
  • In-situ RC cope beam, crane rail, anchor block and 5,000m² apron slab.
  • Provision and Installation of berthing ancillaries; precast quay wall panels, fenders, bollards, quay furniture.
  • Drainage and Utilities including interceptor, watermain, comms, electrical, HMLs, ship to shore.
  • Increased water depth at the quayside to allow future dredging to -13m CD.