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Cark Windfarm Remedial Works

  • Project Type Wind
  • Client SSER Renewables (Ireland)
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge performed the role of Main Contractor and PSCS. Roadbridge in its capacity as PSCS coordinated all works associated with the remedial works and the operational Wind Farm Site. This involved consultation and coordination with all relevant stakeholders & landowners.
  • Form of Contract FIDIC, Fixed Price Lump Sum
  • Dates June 2014 – December 2014
  • Location Cark, Co. Donegal, Ireland

The site was located within an existing operational Wind Farm in Co. Donegal. The Works comprised the construction of the remedial repair for the existing WTG foundations of Cark Extension Wind Farm which comprises 4 No. 2.3 MW rated Siemens Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs). The remedial works consisted of resin injection of all existing cracks, steel reinforcement placement, concrete pouring and post tensioning of new bases constructed around the existing bases. The Works also required relocation of the existing unit transformers and associated extensions of underground cables and re-wiring and testing & commissioning of same.