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Chelmsford Effluent Pipeline

  • Project Type Wastewater
  • Client Northumbrian Water Ltd
  • Company Involvement As Principal Contractor for the project, Roadbridge were responsible for the design and build of an 8.2 km section of 1400DN effluent pipeline.
  • Form of Contract NEC Option C Engineering Construction Contract
  • Dates April 2014 – November 2014
  • Location Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Key Features

  • Design and construction of 8.2km of 1400 mm diameter concrete pipe, associated air valves, scour valves and protection chambers
  • Topsoiling stripping & land reinstatement
  • 2 no. Directional Drills under Cuton & Rushes Lock
  • 6 no. Open cut road crossings
  • 4 no. Tie ins to the existing pipe
  • Pre & Post construction land drainage
  • Pipe testing