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Cluden to Brighouse Bay Gas Pipeline: South West Scotland Onshore System

  • Project Type Gasline
  • Client Gas Networks Ireland (UK)
  • Company Involvement SICIM / Roadbridge has undertaken the role of Principal Contractor for the construction of the pipeline.
  • Form of Contract GNI (UK) Bespoke Contract
  • Dates November 2016 – December 2018
  • Location Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

This contract comprised the construction of a 49.3km of 900mm OD Steel Gas Pipeline

Key Features

  • 16 no. Trenchless Crossings including 2 no. Rivers 2 no. Gas Pipeline (IC1) & 10 no. Road(Micro tunnelling & Auger crossing)
  • 7 no. Open Cut River Crossings
  • 22 no. Open Cut Road crossings
  • 18 no. Scottish Water Service Crossings
  • 2 no. Scottish Water Replacement of existing pipelines
  • 3 no. Scottish Gas replacement of existing pipeline
  • Construction of 2 no. New Above Ground Installations.
  • Traffic Management at Road Junctions
  • Collaboration with all Local Authorities Service Providers and Landowners