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Construction & Upgrade of Al Rayyan Road Project 7: Earthworks

  • Project Type Roads / Bridges
  • Client Dogus Onur JV
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge LLC are employed on a sub-contract basis to execute the mass excavation of the cable trench.
  • Form of Contract Dogus Onur JV Sub-Contract
  • Dates July 2015 – Sept 2015
  • Location Doha, Qatar

Key Features

  • Excavation, hydraulic breaking and loading of 10,500m3 of rock
  • Trimming of sides and floor ± 25mm to profile where applicable
  • 6 no. Sump Pits 1.5m2 x 300mm deep excavated
  • Haulage of 10,500m3 of excavated material to stockpiles
  • Complete Excavation of Semi-Excavated Cable Trenches 10m wide by 10m deep by 300m long
  • All associated ancillary works