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Corrib Gas Terminal Civils and Foundations Contract

  • Project Type Gas Terminal
  • Client Shell E&P Ireland Limited
  • Company Involvement The Corrib Gas Terminal Civils & Foundations Contract was awarded to Roadbridge in August 2006.
  • Form of Contract Bespoke Shell Form of Contract
  • Dates July 2007 – June 2010
  • Location Co. Mayo, Ireland

Key Features

  • 50,000m³ of excavation
  • 15,000m³ of structural concrete including reinforcement, shuttering and finishing
  • Concrete being placed in foundations for pipe racks, buildings, road culvert over passes, large water retaining tanks and blast proof buildings
  • 4,000m of GRE pipework for oily water drainage
  • 3,000m of GRP pipework for a Fire Water Main, including hydrants. Tested to 24 bar
  • 1,500m of twin wall and concrete pipework for storm water drainage
  • 3,500m of in-situ concrete channel open drain system
  • 2 HDPE lined water retaining clay embankment ponds
  • On site materials testing lab with INAB Accreditation