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Corrib Gas Terminal Earthworks Contract

  • Project Type Gas Terminal
  • Client Shell E&P Ireland Limited
  • Company Involvement The Corrib Project Bellanaboy Gas Terminal Earthworks Contract was awarded to Roadbridge in October 2004. Roadbridge’s alternative construction methods were designed by Fehily Timoney Gifford & Co
  • Form of Contract Bespoke Shell Form of Contract
  • Dates December 2004 – November 2008
  • Location Co. Mayo, Ireland

Key Features

  • Widening of the R314 roadway
  • Site clearance of approximately 35 acres
  • 6km of 1.8m high timber post and wire fencing and 4.5km of 1.8m high Palisade fencing
  • 4km of drainage pipe ranging in size from 150mm to 900mm Ø
  • 3km of sheet piling in peat off bog mat roads
  • 450,000m³ excavation of peat from site and transportation on public roads 11km to a deposition site
  • Excavation and deposition of 165,000m³ of unsuitable material
  • Cut and fill of 223,000m³ of suitable material
  • Concrete raft roadway on bored auger piles in peat
  • 7.5 acres of flexible pavement
  • Structural concrete