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Corrib Project – Glengad Landfall

  • Project Type Gasline
  • Client Shell E&P Ireland Limited
  • Company Involvement The Glengad Landfall project contract was awarded to Roadbridge in February 2008.
  • Form of Contract Public Works Contract for Civil Engineering Works designed by the Contractor.
  • Dates February 2008 – December 2009
  • Location Co. Mayo, Ireland

Key Features

  • 1.5km of 2.8m high Palisade fencing on land
  • 400m of 2.8m high Palisade fencing on the foreshore
  • Establish accommodation and welfare facilities for all contractors and Client
  • Excavation of the trench up to 9m deep for 20” gas pipeline
  • Construction 225m causeway to low water mark and excavate trench on foreshore
  • Attendance on specialist pipe pulling contractors
  • Demobilisation of site including all fencing on completion
  • Environmental monitoring