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Courtown River Chapel Main Drainage Scheme

  • Project Type Wastewater
  • Client Wexford County Council
  • Company Involvement The Courtown Riverchapel Main Drainage Scheme was awarded to Roadbridge in January 2000. Roadbridge was appointed main contractor and also undertook the role of Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage.
  • Form of Contract Design & Construct
  • Dates April 2000 - September 2002
  • Location Wexford, Ireland

Key Features

  • 115m pipeline within the beach foreshore constructed within a steel sheet piled cofferdam /open trench construction technique
  • 360m pipeline within an intertidal and marine environment
  • Construction of the 800mmØ HDPE pipeline into pipe strings up to 180m long using butt fusion welding to WIS-04-32-13
  • Hydrostatic water testing of completed pipelines
  • Construction / placement of hexagonal shaped RC concrete counterweights
  • Installation of 4 leg sea outfall diffuser unit with steel frame protection units
  • 18,000m³ of dredging / backfilling
  • Stone protection mattresses at diffuser unit
  • Hydro graphic surveys of seabed pre/post construction