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Gas Pipeline to Galway

  • Project Type Gasline
  • Client Board Gáis Eireann
  • Company Involvement The project was awarded to the SICIM/Roadbridge JV in December 2001 by Bord Gáis Eireann.
  • Form of Contract Lump sum with Agricultural requirements re-measurable
  • Dates May 2002 - September 2002
  • Location Galway, Ireland

This contract comprised the preparing of 139km of spread for a 762mm Gas Pipe. Excavate/backfill and Reinstate 139 km of pipeline and other ancillary works.

Technical difficulties associated with the project included the crossing of the various rivers and the construction of pipelines in areas designated as SACs. An environmental assessment was undertaken to protect areas of conservation along the pipeline corridor and construction techniques were adopted to ensure that any adverse impact on these areas was minimized.

Key Features

  • 192 Crossings in Total
  • 27 road & railway crossings using trenchless techniques
  • 6 Rail Crossings
  • 104 Minor Roads and Tracks
  • 55 Rivers and Watercourses
  • 5 Above Ground Installations in Total