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Gas to The West, Northern Ireland IP

  • Project Type Gasline
  • Client SGN
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge were appointed Principal Contractor for both the Civil and Mechanical Works of the Pipeline and the AGI sites.
  • Form of Contract NEC3 Option A
  • Dates July 2017 – December 2018
  • Location Co. Tyrone, Ireland

Key Features

  • Construct 27km of 400mm 85Bar steel pipeline from Portadown to Dungannon
  • Construct 50km of 300mm 85bar Steel pipeline from Dungannon to Tullykenneye
  • Construct New off take metering facility including Pip trap at Portadown AGI
  • Construct three Pressure reduction stations at Dungannon, Tullybroom and Tullykenneye
  • Construct new block valve sites at Moss Road and Loughans Road
  • Make IP Connections to IP lines to feed licenced Towns
  • Install approximately 11km of Pipeline using HDD including two drills under Loch Erne