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IED Dredge & Demolition Works, Dublin Port

  • Project Type Marine
  • Client Dublin Port Company (DPC)
  • Company Involvement Dredge and Demolition works undertaken by the Roadbridge Keating Joint Venture
  • Form of Contract NEC 3 Option B – Client Design
  • Dates May 2019 – November 2020
  • Location Dublin Port, Ireland

Key Features

  • Demolition of Boliden Tara Mines bulk conveyor, tower and jetty
  • Dredging of the Alexandra Basin and disposal of arisings, 78,000m3
  • Removal of the Berth 28 revetment area below -3.5m CD, 24,500m3
  • Disposal of the dredged bed material
  • Demolition of existing Ramp 4 and adjoining abutment
  • Reinstallation of Ramp 4 at future Berth 52/53