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Kildare Town Bypass

  • Project Type Roads / Bridges
  • Client Kildare County Council
  • Company Involvement The Kildare Town Bypass project was a Design & Build contract awarded by the National Roads Authority under the National Development Plan. It was awarded to Roadbridge in December 2000.
  • Form of Contract IEI 3rd Edition 1980
  • Dates February 2001 - December 2003
  • Location Co. Kildare, Ireland

Key Features

  • 12km of dual 2-lane motorway and 8.1km of standard single carriageway together with associated interchanges and local roads.
  • The handling and use of materials measuring: 3,065,000m³ excavation, 5,000,000m³ of imported fill, 351,369m² of road surfacing
  • Protection of the Mid-Kildare Aquifer was a major requirement. The solution was to construct a barrier, known as tanking, in order to maintain acceptable groundwater levels. This involved the construction of a series of layers under and around a 3.5km section of the by-pass south of Kildare. The layers of material included a reinforced bituminous geo-membrane overlain by a meter of low-permeability clay. These barriers are constructed over a drainage layer made up of different granular filter materials with slotted pipework running underneath the Geomembrane, allowing natural groundwater flows underneath the road
  • Structures included: 3 Underpasses, 6 Overbridges, 2 Underbridges