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Laggan Tormore, Shetland Islands – Earthworks for Gas Processing Plant

  • Project Type Gasline
  • Client Total E&P UK Ltd
  • Company Involvement Total E&P UK Ltd awarded the Earthworks and Accommodation Block contracts to Roadbridge in March and December 2010. The Onshore Pipeline Works was awarded to Van Oord / Sicim / Roadbridge JV in November 2010.
  • Form of Contract Total Form of Agreement
  • Dates April 2010 – July 2012
  • Location Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

Key Features

  • Site Preparation Earthworks for Gas Processing Plant: This contract comprised: 2.4 km long access road and terracing the slope to form 260,000m2 of work platforms; Handling and storing of peat in purpose built reservoirs, requiring 455,000m3 of peat to be moved; Excavation of 512,000m3 of rock; Installation of a Sewage treatment plant, together with surface run-off drainage systems
  • Onshore Pipeline Works The integrated Laggan-Tormore development was a subsea tie-back from these two fields, to a new onshore processing facility Shetland Gas Plant, and a new 30" export pipeline eastwards, to connect to the Frigg UK pipeline at TOTAL’s MCP-01 facility.
  • Accommodation Block Groundworks A site on Sella Ness was chosen as the location for a modern, well-equipped temporary accommodation block with capacity to house up to 850 people. Infrastructure works included: 2m high Heras fencing; Setting out of Access Road and Accommodation Buildings, Excavation of 4,000m2 peat; Constructions of Access Roads and Footpaths; Construction of 615 no. foundation bases; Installation of services and drainage, Sewage Treatment Plan; Construction of Astroturf pitch.