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Limerick Main Drainage – Contract 1.2 Outfall

  • Project Type Wastewater
  • Client Limerick City Council
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge was appointed as the Main Contractor for this project on the 25th May 2000 and Barry’s acted as the Engineers.
  • Form of Contract CECEA Form of Contract
  • Dates July 2001 – September 2001
  • Location Limerick, Ireland

Key Features

  • Primary and Secondary Settlement Tanks
  • Aeration and Storm Tanks
  • 3 no. Administration buildings and facilities
  • Ancillary works, site development and landscaping
  • 1.4km sea outfall for the Limerick Sewerage Treatment Works
  • Construction of 1.4km 1200mm Ø HDPE pipe from the treated effluent discharge chamber at the treatment works to the diffuser chamber at the end of the jetty
  • A 274m jetty extending out into the main flow channel of the River Shannon was constructed in very soft alluvial silts in a 7.7m tidal range
  • The jetty was constructed using steel tubular piles 450mm x 25mm, with an average length of 26m, driven to rock. An insitu pile cap was formed on top to receive a precast concrete deck with a tarmac roadway on top
  • Significant temporary works were needed to construct this jetty. A temporary working platform was used for access for cranes and pile driving