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Limerick Smarter Travel – Route 3: UL to Parkway Roundabout

  • Project Type Roads / Bridges
  • Client Limerick City & County Council
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge was engaged as subcontractor by Roadstone to complete all civil and groundworks on this Smarter Travel project. Roadbridge in its capacity as specialist subcontractor coordinated all works. This involved consultation and coordination with all relevant stakeholders & landowners in collaboration with Limerick City Council and their Designers.
  • Form of Contract Subcontractor contract
  • Dates February 2014 – December 2014
  • Location Co. Limerick, Ireland

The project involved the provision of 1.6km of 2m footpath and a 3m wide 2-way cycle path from the University of Limerick to the Groody Roundabout and onwards to the Parkway Roundabout via the Old Dublin road. The scheme also involved the rearrangement of the Groody Roundabout in order to make it a bicycle friendly roundabout. The works were completed in a busy urban environment with travel volumes in excess of 25,000AADT. Construction required the continuous management of traffic, pedestrian and cyclists while safely carrying out the works.

Key Features

  • Kerb drainage around roundabout (eliminate gullies and improvement long term maintenance)
  • Full CCTV survey of existing drainage network, local repairs as direct by Limerick City Council
  • Reinforced earth construction for widening of existing section of road for Cycleway and Footpath
  • Erection and moving of Signage including new Electronic Signage
  • Management of existing services including: Existing Bord Gas Transmission and Distribution Network, ESB services including provision of new diversion under existing road, De-energising Public Lighting, re-ducting and cabling of lighting in new locations where Footpath/Cycleways were widened.