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Motorway Maintenance & Renewals Contract (MMaRC) Network B – Gen 2

  • Project Type Roads / Bridges
  • Client Transport Infrastructure Ireland
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge as part of the Colas Roadbridge JV was awarded the second generation of the MMaRC project in 2019
  • Form of Contract Public Works Contract
  • Dates 2019 - 2024
  • Location Ireland

The project involved the undertaking of the following services for the TII on a network of 290km of motorway / dual carriageway and approx. 100km of slip roads.

Key Features

  • Safety Inspections, safety patrols and daily inspections of the network
  • Routine and Cyclic maintenance of defined assets, including repairs of Category 1, 2 & 3 Defects
  • Incident Response Service
  • Winter Service
  • Repairs to road vehicle restraint systems
  • Renewal of line markings and reflectors
  • Renewal of pavement surfacing
  • Management of the Authority’s Strategic Salt Reserves
  • Provide, manage, maintain, support and operate a Routine Maintenance Management System
  • Evaluation of data provided by the client
  • Supplementary inventory gathering where not available