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N8 Cashel to Mitchelstown Road Improvement Scheme

  • Project Type Roads / Bridges
  • Client South Tipperary County Council
  • Company Involvement The Cashel to Mitchelstown project was the first Irish ECI roads contract awarded by the South Tipperary County Council under the Transport 21 Framework. Roadbridge/Sisk JV was appointed as the Contractor in October 2004 to design and build the works for this project.
  • Form of Contract IEI Conditions of Contract 3rd edition
  • Dates March 2006 – December 2009
  • Location Co. Cork / Co. Tipperary, Ireland

The N8 Cashel to Mitchelstown forms part of the South West Corridor linking Limerick and Cork to Dublin. This project involved the upgrade of this route to dual carriageway / motorway standard.

Key Features

  • 37km of dual carriageway together with associated interchanges and local roads
  • 90m long bridge to span the Suir River
  • Principal quantities comprised
  • 3,640,000m³ excavation
  • 640,000m³ rock excavation
  • 920,830m² of road surfacing
  • 12 no. Underpasses
  • 24 no. Overbridges
  • 9 no. Underbridges
  • 3 no. River Bridges
  • 1 no. Rail Bridge
  • This ECI roads contract was completed 10 months ahead of schedule.