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Pfizer Aseptic Facility Expansion Works

  • Project Type Industrial / Commercial
  • Client Pfizer Ireland Ltd
  • Form of Contract RIAI
  • Dates November 2004 - September 2006
  • Location Co. Cork, Ireland

This project involved safety standards unique to the pharmaceutical Industry which required high standards of compliance with all aspects of Health & Safety. The Pfizer Aseptic Facility Expansion Works was completed within the required program and budget.

Key Features

  • Final Site development including road infrastructure works, services installation, heavy earthworks operation and car park construction
  • Bulk excavation to reduced levels of approximately 148,000m³ including recycling of contaminated spoil
  • 8km foul and surface water drainage ranging from 150 - 525mm diameter up to 2m deep
  • 150 - 250mm watermain (850m), 150 - 250mm fire main (2520m) to Factory Mutual Spec
  • 100-150mm ducting 1 - 12 way (14km)
  • Gas installation 63 - 100mm o/d (200m)
  • Total paved works of 15,125m²