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Seagreen 275kV

  • Project Type Cabling
  • Client Nexans Norway AS
  • Company Involvement Principal Contractor
  • Form of Contract Bespoke
  • Location Carnoustie, Dundee

Installation of the onshore power export and optical fibre cabling (the works) for Seagreen Wind Energy Limited (SWEL) Offshore Wind Farm. The works shall include all onshore power export and optical fibre cabling, electrical infrastructure and associated civil infrastructure. The works follow an overland route of approximately 19km from the transition joint bay at the landfall location to the south of Carnoustie to the new SWEL onshore substation at the old Tealing airfield, west of village of Inveraldie connecting into the existing adjacent SSEN Tealing Substation.

Key Features

  • Cable supply and installation between transition JB to new Onshore Substation: 3 circuits, cable route 19km
  • Cable supply and installation between new Onshore Substation and SSEN Substation: 2 circuits, cable route approx. 500m
  • Carnoustie (Cable Landfall) to Tealing Substation
  • Trefoil Cable Ducts + 1 no 110mm diameter Fibre Duct 3no. x 17KM
  • 9.2KM Haul road, HDD x 8no, Transition Joint bay x 1no.; Joint bays x 12no, Access Points x 33no.
  • Works Drainage, Main Compounds x 2no.
  • Temporary Storage & Welfare Compounds x 4no.
  • Cable installation in between sub stations = 1200m
  • 225mm Dia HDPE Electrical Duct installed by Cable Plough Method = 3 x Trefoil Circuits + 110mm Dia F/O of 1.5km each.
  • HDD – 3no Locations x Large Bore for Trefoil Arrangements and 5no – 9 Bores x Flat Arrangements. (1no under East Coast Rail Line, 1no under area of SSSI, 3 under burn crossings and 3 under major trunk roads)