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South Caisson Demolition & Removal, Dublin Port

  • Project Type Marine
  • Client Dublin Port Company (DPC)
  • Company Involvement Main Contractor and PSCS as part of the Roadbridge Keating Joint Venture for the demolition and removal works
  • Form of Contract NEC 3 Option B – Client Design
  • Dates February - March 2021
  • Location Dublin Port, Ireland

Key Features

  • Demolition and removal of partially sunken reinforced concrete caisson measuring 15m x 8m x 10m working from a spud leg barge using a 100Tn excavator
  • Works in close proximity to operational shipping channel
  • Material transportation to land using hopper barge
  • Loading of excavated/demolition concrete to trucks using long reach excavators for removal to licenced facility
  • Completion of bathymetric survey of seabed to ensure all underwater caisson material removed to required level