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St Marys Park – Emergency Flood Defence Works

  • Project Type Flood Defence
  • Client Limerick City Council
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge performed the role of Main Contractor and PSCS for the works. Roadbridge in its capacity as PSCS coordinated all works. This involved consultation and coordination with all relevant stakeholders & landowners in collaboration with Limerick City Council and their Designers.
  • Form of Contract Dayworks Rates
  • Dates May 2014 - July 2014
  • Location Co. Limerick, Ireland

The site was located within a floodplain of the River Shannon, an existing flood defence embankment was overtopped and rendered unstable during an extreme weather event in 2014 (intense rainfall coupled with high tides and winds).

Key Features

  • As part of the emergency works Roadbridge worked with Limerick City council and MPP as designers to replace the undermined defences and enhance existing embankments to minimize future flood risks. This included:
  • 2,000m2 of Sheet Piling,
  • 300 tons of rock armour
  • Reinforced Embankment Construction
  • Use of impermeable clay layers