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Terminal 4 & Revetment Removal

  • Project Type Marine
  • Client Dublin Port Company
  • Company Involvement Works undertaken by Roadbridge as part of the Roadbridge Keating Joint Venture
  • Form of Contract NEC 3 Option B - Client Design
  • Dates April 2018 - September 2019
  • Location Dublin Port, Ireland

Key Features

  • Excavation, processing and classification of 108,000m³ waste material from revetment and export to licenced facilities
  • General site clearance, reducing areas identified for resurfacing to formation level
  • Installation of new surface water networks and manholes throughout the site
  • Installation of 2 no. attenuation facilities
  • Installation of class 1 full retention separator to manage local spills and silt contamination
  • Installation of new power/communication ducts and chambers throughout the site
  • Installation of water supply main with associated hydrants and sluice valves.
  • Installation of new concrete pavement 20,000m² and flexible pavement 19,500m²
  • Installation of security fencing, walls and gates
  • Installation of 30m high mast lighting towers, 12m high perimeter lighting columns and CCTV columns up to 18m high