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Vale New-Caledonia FWRSF

  • Project Type Industrial / Commercial
  • Client Vale Nouvelle - Caledonie
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge was appointed as the Main Contractor for this project on the 14th December 2011
  • Form of Contract Bespoke Vale Re-measurable Contract
  • Dates December 2011 - December 2016

The facilities purpose was to store the bi product which is generated during the extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from the limonite ore at the Nickel Processing Facility located in Goro. The KWRSF consisted of the construction of a downstream dam and preparation of internal batters to receive placement of a LLDP liner in order to prevent seepage and protect the integrity of the dam. The KWRSF site is in a karst region which received on average 3.4m of rainfall per annum therefore extensive under drainage installation was required along with the construction of a concrete spillway which was used to manage runoff from the facility once it reached its storage capacity.

Key Features

  • 2 Million m3 of Rock Placement in downstream dam
  • 1.6 Million m3 of Limonite Placement in dam
  • 0.7 Million m3 of Rock Placement on internal batter
  • 0.7 Million m3 of Limonite Placement on internal batter
  • Processing of 3.1 Million m3 Rock
  • Placement of 680,000 m2 LLDP liner
  • Installation of 800m drainage (300Ømm to 1200Ømm)
  • Disposal of 250,000m3
  • Stockpiling of 450,000m3
  • 560m long benched spillway