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Wyeth Biotechnology Campus

  • Project Type Industrial/Commercial
  • Client Wyeth Medica
  • Company Involvement Roadbridge was awarded the enabling and groundwork’s package for the Wyeth Biotechnology Campus in October 2000.
  • Form of Contract Alliance Contract
  • Dates October 2000 - July 2004
  • Location Dublin 22, Ireland

The Wyeth Biotechnology Campus was governed by Safety and Quality. The Campus was completed in phases which resulted in operations continuing in a live traffic and pedestrian environment. It was completed within the required programme and on budget.

Key Features

  • 2km dual carriageway access road and 7km of 6m wide internal campus roads
  • Construction of car parking to facilitate over 1,000 vehicles
  • 7km of pedestrian and cycle pathways. Services included:
  • 9.5km of 150-1000mm storm drainage
  • 3.8km of 150-300mm foul drainage
  • 3km of 300mm watermain
  • 3.2km of gas main
  • 60km of ducting